Richard has been involved in the photography industry from a very early age, initially working as a 2nd assistant for Dennis Constantine before studying photography at Bournville College of Art and Gloucester College of Art. During and after this period, he continued to work as a freelance assistant in both London and Birmingham. In 1989, with Elaine (his wife) he started Emphasis photography which aimed to be the 1st specialist food photographers in Birmingham.

Within a very short period of time, the speciality of the practice went in a completely different direction and he became a major supplier of images to the construction  & leisure industries. Over the last four years, Richard has continued to work as a photographer but has also devoted part of his time to lecturing in photography. Through his interaction with students, he has been motivated to develop his personal work and this has resulted in the production of 3 book projects - 'Passing Through Gethsemane', 'Smethwick' and 'Spaghetti'.

Summer Exhibition - The Public, West Bromwich 2011 (Group Exhibition)
'Smethwick' - Birmingham 2011 (Solo Exhibition)
Frame13 - Birmingham 2013 (Group Exhibition)
Madin's Library - Birmingham 2013 (Solo Exhibition)
PAIL - The Public, West Bromwich 2013 (Group Exhibition)
Frame14 - Birmingham 2014 (Group Exhibition)
'Clubbed' - Birmingham 2014 (Solo Exhibition)
Frame Autumn Exhibition - Birmingham 2014 (Group Exhibition)


Passing Through Gethsemane - 2009
Smethwick - 2010
Spaghetti - 2011
Brooklyn Bowl London - 2014


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